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Re: USE_LANGUAGES=c++11 but no C++ 11 compiler (NetBSD 7.1)

> But that means the user is to supply that GCC version, correct?
Yes. The problem seems to basically be you can't mix C++ code (i.e., libraries) built with different gcc versions. So you need to stick with one version, at least for C++.
The second problem is the one you re-found: There is no logic infering a gcc version from USE_LANGUAGES. But that's not all to complicated to fix (save you have to agree on which C++ versions certain gcc versions /really/ support).
Then you may be unlucky that your base gcc is not good enough to build the target gcc, so you need an intermediate version. I don't know whether we want to deal with that.

The current show-stopper seems to be that during the build of your one-and-only gcc, you a) obviously need to defeat the don't-use-any-other-gcc rule and b) you build an ever growing set of dependencies some of which you can't use for anything else than your new gcc beacuse they contain libraries written in C++ and are compiled with a different gcc than the packages to come.

So I guess the only solution is to build a gcc during bootstrap, using a different PREFIX.

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