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Re: USE_LANGUAGES=c++11 but no C++ 11 compiler (NetBSD 7.1)

Edgar Fuß <> wrote:
> > The question being, is there no mechanism in pkgsrc to build and use a better compiler (e.g. LLVM or a newer GCC) if required?
> I suggested one, implemented it, it works for me, but it hasn't been adopted.
> There were many discussions about this, there is even a Wiki page on the problem, but no consensus has been reached. My impression is that some developer aren't interested too much because they run -current and so are not affected.

This is what I dug up, for those interested:

  Wiki page:

  Selecting a C++ compiler (was: build-issues with Q3 on netbsd-6-0
  (GCC_REQD, c++11..))

  Selecting C and C++ compilers (was: Selecting a C++ compiler)

  bootstrapping a C++ compiler (was: Selecting a C++ compiler)


  compiler selection still

  Using modern gcc from pkgsrc on old systems for c++

> The main problem remaining (or so I think) is bootstrapping, i.e. what to do with lang/gccNN's dependencies, some of which may need re-building in order to be usable with packages being compiled with the new gccNN just built.
> People keep adding GCC_REQD to Makefiles and ever growing seems-to-works-for-me snipplets to their mk.conf's.

But that means the user is to supply that GCC version, correct? Meaning
it's up to the user to bootstrap in a separate pkgsrc installation. In
any case, I have some reading to do.


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