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Re: Some aarch64 issues

I'm now at this stage.
Are people just building on the pinebook or going for something more exotic like pbulk or distcc or both?

Tomorrow I'll set up a RockPro64 (which has 4 gigs of memory) with an SSD on a PCIe SATA card to do a pbulk build. I'm sure there will be lots of breakage, but it should be a good start.

I've stuck a urtwn(4) (only supports g .... do we support anything faster?) stick in as wireless doesn't work, but nfs mounting pkgsrc and the pkg work dirs is causing it to melt. Infact, any network load over the stick causes really bad static to come from the internal speakers.

Static over audio certainly isn't good. Perhaps see if it happens when you use the USB on the other side, and let the Pine64 people know.

So I'm now contemplating building on the emmc card which may badly reduce it's lifespan or looking at a usb <-> ethernet dongle and going the cable route.

What are others doing here?

I've only tried a handful of packages from my eMMC. I have a 100 Mbps USB ethernet for now. It's a start! I'll post more when my RockPro64 pbulk starts producing packages.


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