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Some aarch64 issues


Many of us just got our Pinebooks and are now running -current aarch64. However, it seems that some important packages don't yet compile.

One issue I'd like to bring up is that using MAKE_JOBS is clearly not desirable for compiling things such as lang/clang. I'm wondering if keeping track of RSS for each package during a bulk build and using that data to decide on a MAKE_JOBS value for each package on a machine with 1 or 2 gigs of memory is a good way to handle this.

Perhaps instead of a lower MAKE_JOBS value, a wait can be added at the start of a new parallel invocation when a package's maximum RSS exceeds free memory. Or something like that. Of course, just because one process in the building of a package takes a gig doesn't mean that -j 4 will end up with four processes that each take a gig.

Back to aarch64: Firefox can't be compiled because it requires Rust. lang/ruby24-base fails, and therefore midori can't be compiled.

Rust is hands down a pain. It can barely compile, if you're lucky, on an amd64 system with 32 gigs or more of memory and MAKE_JOBS=1. I've taken to recompiling in a loop until it succeeds. I'm guessing it'll always be a special snowflake that can't even be used on a computer like a 1 gig Raspberry Pi, and therefore we'll need a Jetson TX1 or something beefier to compile for evbarm / aarch64. It's amazing how the Rust folks have outpaced the crazy resources modern computers have in a single bound! Rant finished :/

I can't remember the last time Chromium compiled from pkgsrc wip, even on amd64 with lots of memory.

So if we want a modern-ish browser on our Pinebooks, what is best to use? Is Linux ABI emulation in the works?


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