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Re: Some aarch64 issues

Roy Marples <> wrote:
>On 10/11/2018 19:28, John Klos wrote:
>> Many of us just got our Pinebooks and are now running -current aarch64. 
>> However, it seems that some important packages don't yet compile.

>I'm now at this stage.
>Are people just building on the pinebook or going for something more 
>exotic like pbulk or distcc or both?

I'm building on the pinebook, currently part way through lang/perl5.

>I've stuck a urtwn(4) (only supports g .... do we support anything 
>faster?) stick in as wireless doesn't work, but nfs mounting pkgsrc and 
>the pkg work dirs is causing it to melt. Infact, any network load over 
>the stick causes really bad static to come from the internal speakers.

On slower machines I usually extract the package sources on the NFS
server, speeds things up a bit.

>So I'm now contemplating building on the emmc card which may badly 
>reduce it's lifespan or looking at a usb <-> ethernet dongle and going 
>the cable route.

I'm using a mue(4) ethernet dongle.

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