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Re: seg fault building npm

On Fri, 9 Nov 2018 at 12:42, Mike Pumford <> wrote:
> On 09/11/2018 12:00, Chavdar Ivanov wrote:
> > Any more ideas about this nodejs fault? Latest firefox builds now
> > require nodejs to be installed.
> >
> Does it need npm? nodejs itself seems to work okay at least for basic
> operation.

The elswhere-discussion suggested it was used only during build, so if
the build succeeds this particular problem would not be relevant to
firefox on -current. I am building it right now after a different
problem was quickly resolved. I don't know how nodejs is used during
the build.

> > node panics in ecp_nistz256_points_mul, part of the built-in
> > dependence openssl. The used one is 1.1.0, whereas ours is 1.1.1, I
> > would presume patched appropriately and tested as part of the main
> > system (this is under -current as of a couple of days ago).
> >
> Sadly no idea as I've not had much chance to look. I'd agree that it is
> something to do with how nodejs interacts with the openssl code though.
> I tried using yarn instead of npm and whilst yarn was able to install
> itself it blew up doing a https download albeit with a more detailed
> call. Gut instinct (but no actual evidence) suggests that something
> isn't being set up right when the interpreter transitions from
> javascript code to native code. Given how messed up the stack is in my
> original debug trace suggests it. The yarn failure actually had a full
> stack trace and was in SSL_write if i remember correctly.
> I'm on 8-stable so the native openssl is 1.0.2k. There is a configure
> argument that tells it to use an external SSL (and it seemed to be happy
> with the system provided one at configure time). However nodejs then
> didn't compile as it tried to set up a pointer to a function declared as
> inline in an openssl header file (although i did think that was legal in
> C++).
> I've got some free time today so I might see if I can come up with a
> simpler bit of code that can cause breakage.

The comments in lang/nodejs indicate that the maintainer has left the
built-in openssl to be used, as our security/openssl package is still
on 1.0.2, whereas nodejs requires at least 1.1. I couldn't find an
obvious way to make the nodejs use the built-in system delivered
openssl 1.1.1, which should be good enough for it.
> Mike


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