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Re: seg fault building npm

On 18/10/2018 23:42, Mike Pumford wrote:

On 18/10/2018 23:16, Mike Pumford wrote:

in the build directory in between the make and the make install. I'm not familiar enough with the pkgsrc make targets (and paxctl) to know the best way to make that happen. My guess is to do it in the preinstall target. Am I right?

I'm also looking at the gfind dependency as well as that looks like a relatively simple makefile patch.

Not sure if this will help with the npm issue but one problem at a time. :)

Okay manually doing the following before make install gets rid of the odd errors building node:

1. paxctl +m out/Release/node
2. substitute ! for -not in the Makefile
The second one of these is something we should be able to persuade nodejs to change upstream although I doubt the patch is hard. as ! is posix compliant but -not is a GNU extension at least according to the find man page on my ubuntu VM. I'll see if I can figure out a patch for the makefile and the paxctl as a first step and keep investigating the npm issue. I guess I'll be trying to persuade pkgsrc to build a debug version of the node binary.


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