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Re: Moving www/vimb to wip/vimb2 and updating www/vimb to 3.3.0

Leonardo Taccari <> writes:

> Greg Troxel writes:

>> You could also demote it to wip/vmb2 and just update vimb 3.  That's
>> what I would do, absent a compelling argument that significant
>> numbers of people need to run the older version because just
>> upgrading causes some kind of trouble.
> Yes, that's compelling as well (and I would prefer that too!).

Do you mean that's your current proposal?

>> You say there "are users", but will these people have a bad time if
>> it just gets upgraded?  Every time a package is updated to a new
>> version, there are almost certainly users of the old one - but that's
>> almost always ok.
> No they will not have a bad time, apart that the configuration probably
> will need some adjustments.

Generally, we do not maintain multiple versions of programs just because
it's possible to do so.  A package is updated to the latest upstream
release, and only under special circumstances is an older version kept
in pkgsrc.  Usually this is viewed as a clue that upstream is not being
good about compatibility, or perhaps that the package is massively
popular with large changes (e.g dovecot/dovecot2), or has data format
issues (postgresql, mysql), or or has dependencies that require multiple
versions to be installed (python).

>> The real question here is if the people that don't want 3 are just
>> not coping like they should, or if there is something wrong with the
>> upgrade path where that's a reasonable position.
> Probably the most reasonable position is if webkit24-gtk (older
> and EOL) build while webkit-gtk doesn't (latest stable and actively
> supported). But given that webkit24-gtk is no longer supported, like
> vimb2 (new proposal)...

If a dependency were to be too flaky, that would be a reason to hold
off updating.  The question is if it is actually flaky, now.n 

> Is it okay if we move www/vimb to pkgsrc-wip as wip/vimb2 and update
> www/vimb to 3.3.0 version (wip/vimb3)?

From the point of view of pkgsrc hygiene, that's totally ok.  Just
updating and not copying to wip is the standard approach, and adding the
old one because you think a few might use it is fine.

If you think users of vimb will just have to do whatever minor config
tweaking they'd have to do sooner or later, and won't have a bad time,
then it seems like it's in the interests of users to actually upgrade
now.  (If you expect a non-trivial amount of trouble, debugging the wip
package, and perhaps waiting for upstream to stabilize, is in order.)

The real quesiton is if you are willing to make the decision that people
who aren't paying attention should be upgrading now.  From what I hear,
sounds like it.

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