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Renaming www/vimb to www/vimb2 and importing wip/vimb3 as www/vimb

Hello folks!
If there are no (negative) feedbacks in a week or so I would like
to rename www/vimb package to www/vimb2 and rename its binary, man
page and share directory to vimb2 (instead of vimb).

After that I would like to import wip/vimb3 as www/vimb and install
it as vimb (like upstream).

The rationale is: vimb-2.12 is EOL and depends on webkit24-gtk that
is EOL too. However, at least recently on the mailing lists IIRC
there were some users of it so I think it would be better to not
remove it.
vimb-3.3.0 (wip/vimb) was ported on WebKit 2 API and is actively
developed (and depends on www/webkit-gtk, the latest stable version
of webkit-gtk).

Any feedback is welcomed!

Thank you!

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