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Moving www/vimb to wip/vimb2 and updating www/vimb to 3.3.0 (was: Re: Renaming www/vimb to www/vimb2 and importing wip/vimb3 as www/vimb)

Hello Greg,
(Sorry for the long Subject: but hopefully it is a TLDR; of the
new proposal!)

Greg Troxel writes:
> [...]
> You could also demote it to wip/vmb2 and just update vimb 3.  That's
> what I would do, absent a compelling argument that significant numbers
> of people need to run the older version because just upgrading causes
> some kind of trouble.

Yes, that's compelling as well (and I would prefer that too!).

> You say there "are users", but will these people have a bad time if it
> just gets upgraded?  Every time a package is updated to a new version,
> there are almost certaily users of the old one - but that's almost
> always ok.

No they will not have a bad time, apart that the configuration probably
will need some adjustments.

> The real question here is if the people  that don't want 3 are just not
> coping like they should, or if there is something wrong with the upgrade
> path where that's a reasonable position.

Probably the most reasonable position is if webkit24-gtk (older
and EOL) build while webkit-gtk doesn't (latest stable and actively
supported). But given that webkit24-gtk is no longer supported, like
vimb2 (new proposal)...

Is it okay if we move www/vimb to pkgsrc-wip as wip/vimb2 and update
www/vimb to 3.3.0 version (wip/vimb3)?

Thank you!

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