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Re: Renaming www/vimb to www/vimb2 and importing wip/vimb3 as www/vimb

Hello Mayuresh,

Mayuresh writes:
> [...]
> www/vimb failed to work for me when tried last. See:
> At that time wip/vimb did not compile.
> Will try wip/vimb and share feedback.

(Unfortunately I have no idea neither regarding the www/vimb SIGSEGV
and www/webkit-gtk build failure, sorry, but...)
It is surely worth to try with pkgsrc-current www/webkit-gtk and
wip/vimb3 then! (there are probably lot of changes in both!)

If everything build and install correctly please also check to have
glib2>=2.56.2nb3 because vimb3 will not correctly work with older
version (you can just `make replace' it).

> [...]
> How good/stable is JS support of vimb?
> [...]

As good as the webkit-gtk one! :)

I've restarted using wip/vimb3{,-git} as main browser and I usually
browse with JavaScript disabled but when I enable it it's pretty
solid IME (that's on NetBSD/amd64 -current) and probably also more
or less performant like www/firefox60 one (at least IIRC the
JetStream benchmark results were not very different).

At least for NetBSD this have been improved a lot since
webkit-gtk-2.22.2 (on supported ports JavaScript JIT is used now).

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