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New cabextract 1.9 and libmspack 0.9 release

Hello all,

cabextract 1.9 and libmspack 0.9alpha have been released. This corrects two issues introduced in the previous release.

1. Using "cabextract -F" gave invisibly wrong results. The bug is in libmspack, it avoids decompressing data to get to the correct folder offset when the folder is LZX compressed. 2. cabextract would not build with the ./configure --with-external-libmspack option (src/cabinfo.c relied on the "-I./mspack" compiler flag).

cabextract can be downloaded from
libmspack can be downloaded from

SHA256 sums:

682b8863a81dc0cf977270e6fb00a87a861283e7017516a74342b0146dd88121 cabextract-1.9-1.i386.rpm 9969edaacc4a2393d927d611634bdb748a66c8a0fe10b423e0e88104573d269c cabextract-1.9-1.src.rpm 1bbc793d83c73288acd7e28ce33ec04955a76c73bf6471424ff835d725fcc4c1 cabextract-1.9.tar.gz 29ce778dc4fc2dd14514f21a11cedc7ff047ddce373f0c76d5fc054df0a27517 libmspack-0.9alpha.tar.gz

Other changes you should note:

* cabextract and libmspack are now distributed with their test-suites, which now run as part of "make check" * cabextract and libmspack's files have been cleared of obsolescent tests. C code now make these assumptions:
    - <ctype.h> <limits.h> <stdlib.h> <string.h> exist
    - cabextract assumes <dirent.h> <errno.h> <locale.h> <stdarg.h> <sys/stat.h> <sys/types.h> <time.h> exist     - if you have iconv(), towlower(), utime(), utimes(), you also have their header files (<iconv.h>, <wctype.h>, <utime.h> and <sys/time.h> respectively)
    - <ctype.h> defines tolower()
    - <string.h> defines memcpy(), memmove(), strrchr(), strlen()
    - <string.h> (or <strings.h> if you have it) defines strcasecmp()
    - <time.h> protects itself from double-inclusion
* cabextract's ./configure --with-external-libmspack now uses pkg-config. You can use the environment variables libmspack_CFLAGS and libmspack_LIBS to override this. * libmspack's programs in src/ have been moved to examples/ and do not auto-install
* cabextract's test suite needs the "diff" command


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