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Issues on NetBSD-current with pkgsrc-(almost)-current


Mostly a spin-off of the thread @current-users@.

The system is 8.99.25, statically linked, with Clang and friends.
It doesn't have a lot of packages there yet, but some issues were
already encountered.

1. I need git which uses curl, which fails to be linked:
eval:1740:Syntax error: "|" unexpected

I cannot find the file in the object directory, which has "|" on
the line 1,740. Or is it the sh(1) error?

If I try to use mksh as /bin/sh, it fails at the build start --
sh: sh -q: unknown option

mksh doesn't have a "-q" option, so the message is quite obvious.
Where does the option come from though?

2. moc, the audio player, requires libltdl. libltdl, when finishes
compiling, diplays this message:
libtool: error: not configured to extract global symbols from dlpreopened files.

but the package is made, and moc then fails to link stuff:
-- undefined reference to lt_libltdl_LTX_preloaded_symbols

Is it related to the system being statically linked? Note that packages are not
linked statically, only the system is.

I need git because the tree was cloned from GitHub, and it is around a month old



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