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Re: evolution mail: calendar/contacts issues

Similar, only for me Calendar happens to work and only Contacts bails
out. However, thunderbird works OK so far.
On Fri, 19 Oct 2018 at 21:22, Dave Tyson <> wrote:
> I've finally decided to give up on kde (again) and switch to back to
> xfce4 and so am looking to replace kmail/korganiser. I don't want to use
> thunderbird and so I have been playing with evolution and Installed the
> version from pkgsrc-2018Q3. This went fine and I configured up mail OK
> and that seems to work with light testing. On the main screen there are
> buttons to switch to:
> Contacts
> Calendars
> Tasks
> Memos
> The latter two have appropriate icons, but the former have boxes with
> red crosses which sort of imply they won't work. Tasks and Memos seem to
> do the right thing, Contacts and Calendars just cause a core dump -
> sadly these are two things I need...
> The doesn't appear to be anything in the build config to disable these
> so I assume they are built normally.
> Anyone got any clue or advice, In fact does anyone use evolution?
> I could use claws-mail and orage, but the latter doesn't handle caldav
> protocol and I don't want to use a separate syncer program.
> The version of evolution in pkgsrc is pretty old and I note there
> doesn't appear to be any work on a later version in wip. I could spend
> some time looking at getting the latest version running, but would
> prefer to avoid having to do this at present. Would be happy to work on
> it once I have a bit more free time...
> Dave
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