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Re: wip/slurm build on NetBSD 7.1.1

That's a good point, thanks, but that would only improve the hack I was using to work around the issue.

What I really needed was figure out why configure script fails to generate the same link options on NetBSD and CentOS.

The root error in the configure output turned out to be this:

checking Link to instead of libslurm.o... ./configure: LIB_SLURM+= -L$(top_builddir)/src/api/.libs -lslurmfull: not found

I dug into the configure script and traced where the error was coming from.  While in there, I discovered an unadvertised configure flag:


that worked around the issue rather nicely, and I was ready to go with that as a semipermanent solution, but looking more closely at the source of the error I realized the problem is that the configure script is using bash extensions.

A little more digging revealed a simple solution in the pkgsrc Makefile:


So slurm 17.11.3 is now building on NetBSD with pretty much all feasible features except CPU affinity.  That's going to take some work as the affinity functions are not standardized across platforms, so I'll put it off for a future update.

On 02/28/18 01:47, Benny Siegert wrote:
Instead of this, you probably want to add <> <> on the libtool link line. This will make libtool substitute the correct link flags.

Jason Bacon < <>> schrieb am Mi., 28. Feb. 2018, 07:49:

    I'm hitting a build issue with wip/slurm, where the configure script
    fails to insert the proper link flags on NetBSD 7.1.1, while working
    fine on CentOS.

    I can hack my way through the build phase by adding the following in

    -L${WRKSRC}/src/api/.libs -lslurmfull -L${WRKSRC}/src/db_api/.libs

    The SUBST entry for this is in the Makefile, but commented out.

    Wondering if there's an autoconf/lbtool wiz out there who has seen
    something like this and might have a suggestion.

    Latest is committed to wip.



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