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Re: wip/slurm build on NetBSD 7.1.1

Instead of this, you probably want to add on the libtool link line. This will make libtool substitute the correct link flags.

Jason Bacon <> schrieb am Mi., 28. Feb. 2018, 07:49:

I'm hitting a build issue with wip/slurm, where the configure script
fails to insert the proper link flags on NetBSD 7.1.1, while working
fine on CentOS.

I can hack my way through the build phase by adding the following in

-L${WRKSRC}/src/api/.libs -lslurmfull -L${WRKSRC}/src/db_api/.libs -lslurmdb

The SUBST entry for this is in the Makefile, but commented out.

Wondering if there's an autoconf/lbtool wiz out there who has seen
something like this and might have a suggestion.

Latest is committed to wip.



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