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Re: Switching default python to 3.6?

Kamil Rytarowski <> writes:

> I've performed quasi bulk-builds to catch problems with Clang/LLVM in
> pkgsrc packages with something close to 5.0.0. The only ones were fixed
> in pkgsrc, NetBSD-current and backported to -8.

That sounds good, but given that the freeze is coming soon and the clang
release hasn't happened, it still scares me.

> This clang upgrade will involve llvm, clang, lldb, polly etc.
> We don't version clang and perhaps we shouldn't unless there is a good
> reason like a dependency from an important package. Clang is rather
> ascending with the number of supported features, backends, frontends
> etc; contrary to GNU toolchain that keeps reducing undermaintained code.

I didn't mean to say that I thought clang needed versioning (but
somebody else wants an older version).   I really just meant that
changing what is built by the unadorned name shouldn't happen in the
period just before a freeze.  I have zero objections to just committing
the update to 5 when the freeze ends, and then there's plenty of time to
fix anything that needs fixing.   But I'm not sure the rest of PMC
shares this view, and I'm not sure who's running this freeze, so what I
think may not matter this time :-)

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