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Re: gobject-introspection is like, the worst.

"John D. Baker" <> writes:

> On Wed, 28 Jun 2017, John D. Baker wrote:
>> Interesting data point on an i386-8.99.1 system.  Recursively removing
>> "gvfs" allowed "gobject-introspection" to build again and be usable.
>> "gvfs" installs several modules in "/usr/pkg/lib/gio/modules".
> Likewise on amd64-8.0_BETA system.
> In each case, re-installing "gvfs" causes building "gobject-introspection"
> to fail.  Remove "gvfs" again and building "gobject-introspection" succeeds.
> So, there's some bad interaction with "gvfs" that affects not only using
> "gobject-introspection", but trying to (re)build it in the first place.

It's a bug in the pkgsrcized gobject-introspection build system if it
even tries to open any files from installed packages that are not
expressed as dependencies.   pkgsrc hides headers and libs very well,
and other things not so well.

You could ktrace and see what is happening differing.

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