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Re: gobject-introspection is like, the worst.

On Wed, 28 Jun 2017, John D. Baker wrote:

> Interesting data point on an i386-8.99.1 system.  Recursively removing
> "gvfs" allowed "gobject-introspection" to build again and be usable.
> "gvfs" installs several modules in "/usr/pkg/lib/gio/modules".

Likewise on amd64-8.0_BETA system.

In each case, re-installing "gvfs" causes building "gobject-introspection"
to fail.  Remove "gvfs" again and building "gobject-introspection" succeeds.

So, there's some bad interaction with "gvfs" that affects not only using
"gobject-introspection", but trying to (re)build it in the first place.

If it bears out in a full-scale build with "introspection" option
re-enabled, the workaround for me is to simply keep "-gvfs" in my

(I don't want "gvfs" anyway as it behaves badly with 'amd'-managed
removable media.  "gvfs-trashd" grabs them and won't let go.)

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