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Re: pkgsrc using git on github

On Wed, Jun 21, 2017 at 05:37:47AM +0000, Thomas Mueller wrote:

> FreeBSD updated doc, src and ports trees with csup or cvsup until a
> security breach in July (?) 2012 prompted a switch to subversion.
> So there might be a security issue with cvs.

The FreeBSD incident was (AFAIK) unrelated to the use of cvs.

> I notice a delay at the beginning and end of a cvs update, less with
> subversion, and still less with git.

They all behave differently. For example on a branch cvs is horribly
slow. For some operations git defaults to operating on the full tree,
where cvs only looks at the subtree you are at, so cvs is a lot faster
 - unless you manage to notice this in advance and remember the bizarre
option to make git not look at the whole repo (if it exists for whatever
you are trying to do).


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