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Re: Confused, in need of direction

coypu%SDF.ORG@localhost writes:

> Likely running into the now infamous "gobject-introspection" problem
> that most packages seem to not build, but only to a few people, on
> netbsd-current.
> (PR pkg/51266, and some mailing lists posts)

For what it's worth, I have had a different gobject-introspection
failure, on OS X 10.12 with joyent's bootstrap.  (Hardware is early 2014
13-inch MacBook Air, Core i7, FWIW.)  After trying lots of different
build options (usually I use ccache, MAKE_JOBS=2, cwrappers), and being
careful to have /opt/pkg/bin before /usr/bin, I was able to build, and
now that I have done make replace, it builds reliably.

The symptom was very different, and I think my issue is unrelated.   I
was getting "no file foo.h found with <>, use "" instead", which matches
the problem where cwrappers seems confused about symlinks in WRKDIR,
when pwd -P and pwd -L do not match.   But I had removed symlinks from
my current working directory (by cd to pwd -P, basically).

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