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Re: Confused, in need of direction

On Sat, 25 Mar 2017 15:31:26 -0500 Robert Nestor <>
> Anyway, given that I’m stuck running a version of NetBSD -current on
> this system (it’s amd64 if that matters), what is the recommended
> version of pkgsrc I should be trying to use and how do I make sure
> that’s the path I’m on?  Secondly, if I do that and run into package
> build errors should I post them and if so, to which list?

I've been running amd64 -current for years, and building all my
packages from pkgsrc HEAD for even longer.  Things do occasionally
break (that's why we have release branches, after all), but most of the
time this combination works well (and reproducible breakage usually gets
fixed fairly quickly).  Breakage generally gets reported to
pkgsrc-users@ and I haven't seen or heard of any large-scale problems
recently, so I suspect something is broken either with your base system
installation or your pkgsrc tree. pkgsrc-users@ is a perfectly
appropriate venue to ask for help in solving such problems. Some
questions to get the ball rolling:

- can you name a specific package that is failing for you right now and
provide the failure message?

- before attempting to build such a package, try running 'make
clean-depends' from the package directory.  This makes sure that
there are no stale files left over from previous attempts that might
confuse matters.

- what's in /etc/mk.conf?


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