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MesaLib/llvm status

With the recent patch (thanks markd@), I think the status is:

  netbsd-7 amd64: llvm defaults on, and builds ok
  Linux: llvm defaults on, and probably builds ok
  OS X: llvm defaults off, and builds ok, fails with llvm enabled
  SunOS: probably like OS X, but I don't know

  netbsd-6 i386: unclear so far, but has a vast pile of dependencies
    including gcc48

  all other operating systems: no reports of it either working or not
    working, and no real basis for guessing

So other than that the "everything else" category is likely to have
breakage, I think things are as ok as they are going to get.

Reports of whether it builds on FreeBSD, OpenBSD, or any other system
where it's reasonable to run it would be appreciated.

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