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Re: Audio output from firefox

On Mon, Mar 20, 2017 at 11:54:56AM -0600, Swift Griggs wrote:
> Nooooo!! Darn. Drat. Dangit. **stomps foot**. /me Pouts.
> I know you are just the messenger, this just confirms my fears...

There are plenty more confirmations where that came from. I hear hints 
about desktops residing inside of browsers. Maybe WebAssembly will be 
another hard dependancy one day. And comming from me, that would be the 
lighter side of the news.

But if you've made it this far, chances are you will figure out some way 
to survive.

> >Seamonkey might not be a future alternative, since it may require too much
> >reimplentation the further Firefox developes in the direction it does.
> Thanks for the head's up. At least I can join a seamonkey user's list and
> have a snowball's chance of being heard saying "The only reason I do this is
> so that I don't have to run Pulseaudio."
> I'm here on NetBSD specifically trying to avoid running **** like PulseAudio
> && systemd.
> I'd run dillo, lynx, amaya, or elinks before I run Pulseaudio. Heck, I'll
> telnet to port 80 and do a manual "GET /" before I run Pulseaudio. Running
> Lennart Pottering code is not on the table for me. YMMV.
> -Swift

I recommend Vimb. I haven't tried getting audio with it. But if I really 
need a youtube video, youtube-dl.

If you give it a shot, take your time and write your config file 
(~/.config/vimb/config), while reading the settings via the man page, 
one setting at a time. Example :set auto-resize-window=TRUE

There are only really five key shortcuts to remember for basic browsing 
needs. It is quite a spartan browser. Likely more useful than the very 
basic Dillo like browsers.

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