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Firefox vs GTK3

This may be a stupid question, but I guess folks here may have used
firefox elsewhere ;-)

Since the pkg switched the default gui toolkit from gtk2 to gtk3, some
"system" dialogs are quite clumsy, appear gigantic on screen and are
sometimes aligned strangely.

My prime examle is the "save as..." dialog, if you haven't configured
firefox to always save to the Download folder, it will use the gtk3 dialog
to prompt for a directory and file name.

This dialog is (IMHO) pretty ugly and weired to use, the gtk2 version only
was weired ;-)

Are there some tricks (like magic settings or whatever) to customize this
dialog, e.g. make the default size smaller, use less space for the file name
coloumn, make the columns sizable at runtime?

It seems to behave even more strangely on sparc64, so there may be bugs
lurking, but on x86 it does not look a lot better.

Any pointers appreciated!


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