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Re: main pkg(8)/synth development complete, but ...

On 12/13/2016 02:22, Thomas Mueller wrote:
from John Marino :

As of right now, and to the best of my knowledge, the pkg(8)-driven
pkgsrc work is complete.  The synth program
( has been ported to support both
pkgsrc and NetBSD (with significant forward work for Linux and
SunOS also done)

Does this mean I can now use synth on NetBSD with pkgsrc in place of
pkg_rolling-replace, or would I have to start on a clean base

I believe I remember you saying there was nothing comparable to
pkg2ng, for converting from old package format to the new pkgng.

Ideally, this would be the process assuming there was already a repository published:

1) gather list of desired primary packages that are installed on the target system (skip dependencies)
2) remove all currently installed packages
3) install pkg(8) from the bootstrap script
4) using the list from step 1, get pkg(8) to download and install the primary packages (it will take core of deps)

If somebody updates the repository (say weekly or twice per month) then you would just "pkg update" and pkg(8) would take care replacing the installed packages.

In other words, most people don't need synth at all.  Who would need it?
1) those that must have packages with non-default options
2) those that need a newer version than is published in the repository

in that case, you would install synth from a binary package and then use it to generate a custom local repository. You then use pkg(8) just as you would with a remote repository. Pkg(8) also works with multiple repositories so you could have it set up that the custom one has the higher priority and it would fall back to the "official" one if it can't find a package. Most people just prefer that their custom one has everything needed though.

The key to seeing the great convenience of pkg(8) is having a complete repository available that is periodically updated. Once people are accustomed to that luxury, they can use synth to customize their experience. pkgsrc/NetBSD people really need that "official" repository to see what this is all about though, which is binary packages, not building it yourself.


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