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main pkg(8)/synth development complete, but ...

As of right now, and to the best of my knowledge, the pkg(8)-driven pkgsrc work is complete. The synth program ( has been ported to support both pkgsrc and NetBSD (with significant forward work for Linux and SunOS also done)

What needs to be done is:
A full bulk build on NetBSD 7 and/or NetBSD-current

That serves two purposes:
1) identify any lacking pkg(8) support that the build results or build logs can expose 2) create a full repository that could be hosted so that people could easily use pkg(8) as it was meant to be (for those unfamiliar with FreeBSD or DragonFly). [1]

My problem is that I lack a suitable builder server with NetBSD on it. I can walk somebody through the setup if they would be willing to donate the use of suitable machine. It would have to publish the web report so I could view it and build logs as the bulk run is progressing.

I've gotten about as far as I can get without a real build machine. Synth is definitely usable for anybody that wants to evaluate it.


[1] I would provide a small shell shell to "bootstrap" pkg(8) by downloading the latest binary package and manually extracting it so that pkgsrc itself wouldn't be needed to leverage binary packages.

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