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Re: Nonexistent sbin/samba in net/samba4

On Nov 30, 10:43am, Manuel Hachtkemper wrote:
} as described in the following thread

     I haven't read that thread.

} I also stumbled upon a nonexistent sbin/samba file in net/samba4.

     Why would you expect one to exist?

} Contrary to the description there, building with the make option
} "ads" doesn't lead to the creation of sbin/samba. Also the
} pre-built packages for NetBSD do have this option enabled, but
} no samba binary exists.

     Same question.

} I'm wondering if this file should ever exist? If not, then it is


} at least confusing, that there is a rc-script for that executable
} (and that MESSAGE.rcd mentions this rc-script).

     Not really.  There is no requirement that there be a one-to-one
correspondence between rc.d scripts and binaries.  For example,
there is no binary called "network" yet there is an rc.d script
called "network".  rc.d/samba is for convenience.  It is a meta-rc.d
script which simply calls all the other samba related rc.d scripts
(winbindd, nmbd, smbd).  If you want to manually start or stop
samba, you can use rc.d/samba to get all the samba related daemons
at once.

}-- End of excerpt from Manuel Hachtkemper

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