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Re: firefox-49.0 segfaults frequently

On Fri, Oct 28, 2016 at 01:44:29PM -0600, Swift Griggs wrote:
> Does anyone have a sense of where the instability is coming from and if it 
> will continue? I'm a fan of Mozilla in various forms but my confidence is 
> a little shaky at this point that they care enough about !Linux operating 
> systems that I wouldn't be better served just dropping Firefox like a bad 
> habit and forgetting about it's existence. It's the whole "if they won't 
> help or listen when we have stability problems, why should we keep pimping 
> their wares?" Is it that, or is the situation significantly different or 
> more complex?

They welcome patches fixing portability problems or fix build and
stability issues on (what they defines as) second or third tier

The code base is huge though, and they rely on volunteers for the lower tier

Hiring a full time developer to work on browsers supporting NetBSD is one of
my pet ideas for spending/wasting TNF paid developement resourses.

Chromium is in a far worse state than Firefox, IMHO. Both are worth getting
better support.


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