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Re: databases/php-oci8 on NetBSD?

>Well, of course Oracle Express Edition I just put in /u01 are Linux
>packages that seem to work minimally with the emul layer (executables
>don't coredump, but do output something -- I didn't test extensively,
>though) and are also Linux binaries the libraries.  libclntsh too.
>Could somebody build a library ( that links to a Linux library?
>Is there anything you recommend me to have this library working for
>NetBSD?  Have a full php distribution for Linux run on NetBSD might
>solve the problem, but it don't seem to be that elegant.

I speak without ever trying to install this package.
In theory It must be possible to do similar thing as npwrapper does
for the linux flash library, and allow the wrapper to make the
translations to the oci linux library. But I think that there isn't
one interested in to do this complex project and the audience is very

If you are interested to run it on NetBSD I will try to install it
with a php for Linux under NetBSD emulation.

There is a open source implementation of a Oracle client in:

Other esoteric options are: to call jdbc from php: I never have tried it.

If you look for Oracle wire protocol, you can find several commercial
vendors, but I think that they won't have a NetBSD version.

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