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Re: Thoughts on building lang/gcc packages without Java support

On 09/29/2016 10:10, Swift Griggs wrote:
On Thu, 29 Sep 2016, Sevan / Venture37 wrote:
Hello, In pkgsrc we build the versions of GCC (4.x) which support Java
with the feature enabled. On legacy archs this can have a tremendous
impact on build time eg on a G4 PowerPC mac, that's another 24 hours+
per package!
I thought that folks who maintained ports for older/slower systems all
used cross-compiler rigs to build packages. That shows you what I know.
Wow. You build those pkgs on real hardware, eh? Cool. I guess I need to
donate some more money to TNF to keep our labs & colos running!

I recently installed NetBSD on a Quadra 660AV Mac. Those have a Motorola
68040 @25Mhz. It took about seven hours to do the install. It takes about
2-3 minutes to login via ssh. You don't want to even know how long it
takes to compile stuff from pkgsrc. Now, I REALLY wonder how folks are
building all these packages I installed from pkgsrc on that Mac. If I had
to build that stuff it would take months (years?).

I was wondering if there were any strong objections or any users which
relied on compiling Java with GCC from pkgsrc who would be impacted by
disabling this feature after the 2016Q3 release is cut.
Well my opinion doesn't count since I hate Java with a burning irrational
fury. If I could see it erased from existence, I'd be happy. To me, it's
heretical blasphemy just seeing it available at all to anyone anywhere on
any platform. If there was a programming language internment camp, I'd
volunteer to be one of the guards, then beat Java nightly with a lead pipe
until I got satisfaction for the zillion errors, outages, memory bloat,
false promises, and version mismatches I've had to tolerate because of
Java and it's adherents. Then once I was bored of that, I'd bury it (deep)
in the woods with a bullet in the skull. Oracle would press charges and
I'd be the first one in history found guilty of language genocide.

So, yeah, not a fan of Java. Hopefully, someone who actually likes/wants
it will speak for it.


I'd be content to make it a separate package.  ;-)

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