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Re: Thoughts on building lang/gcc packages without Java support

On Thu, 29 Sep 2016, Sevan / Venture37 wrote:
> Hello, In pkgsrc we build the versions of GCC (4.x) which support Java 
> with the feature enabled. On legacy archs this can have a tremendous 
> impact on build time eg on a G4 PowerPC mac, that's another 24 hours+ 
> per package!

I thought that folks who maintained ports for older/slower systems all 
used cross-compiler rigs to build packages. That shows you what I know. 
Wow. You build those pkgs on real hardware, eh? Cool. I guess I need to 
donate some more money to TNF to keep our labs & colos running!

I recently installed NetBSD on a Quadra 660AV Mac. Those have a Motorola 
68040 @25Mhz. It took about seven hours to do the install. It takes about 
2-3 minutes to login via ssh. You don't want to even know how long it 
takes to compile stuff from pkgsrc. Now, I REALLY wonder how folks are 
building all these packages I installed from pkgsrc on that Mac. If I had 
to build that stuff it would take months (years?). 

> I was wondering if there were any strong objections or any users which 
> relied on compiling Java with GCC from pkgsrc who would be impacted by 
> disabling this feature after the 2016Q3 release is cut.

Well my opinion doesn't count since I hate Java with a burning irrational 
fury. If I could see it erased from existence, I'd be happy. To me, it's 
heretical blasphemy just seeing it available at all to anyone anywhere on 
any platform. If there was a programming language internment camp, I'd 
volunteer to be one of the guards, then beat Java nightly with a lead pipe 
until I got satisfaction for the zillion errors, outages, memory bloat, 
false promises, and version mismatches I've had to tolerate because of 
Java and it's adherents. Then once I was bored of that, I'd bury it (deep) 
in the woods with a bullet in the skull. Oracle would press charges and 
I'd be the first one in history found guilty of language genocide.

So, yeah, not a fan of Java. Hopefully, someone who actually likes/wants 
it will speak for it.


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