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Re: Thoughts on building lang/gcc packages without Java support

On 30 September 2016 at 10:21, David Brownlee <> wrote:
> On 30 September 2016 at 09:52, Joerg Sonnenberger <> wrote:
>> I don't think gcj works well enough to justify the expensive.
> Not having used it I was being conservative...
> Then providing there is a comment to that effect in options explaining
> why its not enabled I'm certainly happy with the plan to just disable
> it by default :)

Ok, I should've double checked things before sending out that initial
email, turns out we had a mixture of GCC packages where gcc-java
options was enabled by default or not.
It's now not enabled by default on the packages which previously had it.
I've also added a comment explaining why as requested.


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