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Re: [Solved] Re: MPFR

David Brownlee a écrit :
On 29 March 2016 at 14:57, BERTRAND Joël <> wrote:
David Brownlee a écrit :

On 24 March 2016 at 20:41, BERTRAND Joël <>

Bug found. In mk/platform/, you have specified for Alpha
CFLAGS=-mieee (line 116). And mpfr cannot be built with this flag.

I think that was added (a long time back :) to help most apps which
expect IEEE754 behaviour to work better on Alpha.

Presumably mpfr used to be able to be built with the flag? I wonder
what changed?

It was. I've used this flag on linux without trouble.

Would that be on AlphaLinux? could it be gcc version related?

It was on Redhat/alpha and Debian/alpha a long time ago. Maybe with gcc 3.4. But under NetBSD, I've never have trouble with mpfr (older version of mpfr and gcc 4.6).

I have seen that mpfr was added in gcc53 sources (provided by pkgsrc team,
I haven't checked on gnu ftp). gcc53 cannot be built on alpha also.

Thats interesting - I assume some changes must have been made to the
gcc-5.3 imported into tree as NetBSD/alpha cut across to gcc5.3 in the
last day or so, so hopefully the same sort of changes could be applied
to the pkgsrc version...

To be exact, I don't understand how gcc53 doesn't use pkgsrc/mpfr and use its own version of mpfr.



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