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[HEADS-UP] pkgsrc-2016Q1 freeze is now on

Please note that we have started the freeze in preparation for the
pkgsrc-2016Q1 branch.

This means that we would like to stabilise the infrastructure, and
work on the packages we already have in pkgsrc, so no changes to the
infrastructure, please, and no new packages to be added.

We welcome security updates for existing packages, and fixes for
broken packages. If you could please respect other developers in not
making changes that are liable to affect anyone else, we'd be
grateful. In the past, we've specified "leaf" and "non-leaf" packages,
but for some, these definitions were a nebulous concept. So this time
around, please consider other users before you make any changes to a

pkgsrc-2016Q1 will be our 50th quarterly release, going all the way
back to 2003. Please help us make this memorable, apt and as useful as


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