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Re: gv does not open

Carsten Kunze <> writes:

> My pkgsrc tree is now not consistant, it is one month old with an
> up-to-date print/gv.  But since it already works i suggest to leave it
> as it is for the moment.  I'll reinstall pkgsrc ASAP, if it doesn't
> work then I'll test your suggestion.

What I do is use pkgsrc from CVS, and generally update to the latest
stable eg. pkgsrc-2015Q4, and then update individual packages to HEAD.
(Actually, in the lead up to and during freeze, I update all to HEAD and
rebuild everything and complain/fix about issues.) 

It is usually ok to have an updated pkg with older everything else.
What does not work is to update complicated things that interact with
files under mk/ without updating mk also.    Usually newer mk is ok as

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