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Re: gv does not open

Hello Carsten,
first of all excuse me for the delay but unfortunately I didn't
have any good news regarding print/gv... ...until today!

Carsten Kunze writes:
> gv indeed opens with xpm. Now there is a problem with xfig which
> depends on xaw3d. But I needed to remove xaw3d to be able to install
> xaw-xpm. Is it possible to fix this to have both xpm and xaw3d
> installed?
That's true, unfortunately no, it isn't possible because the two
packages conflicts each other (and I've just updated the CONFLICTS line
in the two packages, thanks for pointing out that!).

> Isn't it possible that upstream fixes the gv problem or is there no
> upstream activity anymore?
Indeed it was probably the only thing to do... However, today Mark
Davies spotted the problem and fixed it just adding pkg-config to

Indeed all the needed {C,LD}FLAGS where passed also if pkg-config was
not available except the following two macros:

Please let us know if it fixes the problem to you and if desired I can
request a pull-up for pkgsrc-2015Q4.


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