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Re: Moving pkgsrc-wip away from SourceForge

Andrew Cagney <> writes:

> On 14 July 2015 at 19:05, John Nemeth <> wrote:
>>      So if somebody makes an update to one of the several versions
>> of PostgreSQL while I'm making an update to one of the several
>> versions of MySQL, my push should fail?!?  That's a totally ridiculous
>> notion.
> If the two projects are truly independent then why put them in the
> same repository? (the obvious response is convenience)

This is one of multiple reasons why CVS fits pkgsrc a lot better.

> PS: for git (HG equiv?), standard operating procedure when there are
> small unrelated changes is: "git fetch origin ; git rebase origin ;
> git push]" (or just "git pull --rebase").  When there's a conflict or
> race you're in clear control over how things get resolved.

There's a hell lot of small similarly-looking files in pkgsrc,
thus you have very high chance of git mismerging and not providing any
sensible way out.


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