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Re: [PATCH] devel/gmp: illegal text-relocation on OS X Yosemite

On 7/17/15 7:30 AM, Greg Troxel wrote:>
> "J. Lewis Muir" <> writes:
>> So, I'm really up against a brick wall here.  I like using pbulk with
>> chroots because it ensures clean dependencies on packages, my system
>> remains functional with existing packages from 2015Q1 while building
>> all the new 2015Q2 packages, and I can build packages with a standard
>> prefix (e.g. /opt/pkg).  But sadly I'm going to have to give it up if
>> I can't get it to build the packages I need.
>> Has anyone succeeded at this on OS X Yosemite in a chroot?
> I thought you said that with the patch you sent it works?  Why can't
> you just carry that patch for now, until we figure things out?

Hi, Greg.

Yes, I can just carry the patch.  There were other packages failing to
build that I hadn't reported yet, I knew the Homebrew people did bulk
builds on a VM, not in a chroot, I had heard of some packages requiring
a full Xcode to build, I was starting to feel like maybe I was too far
away from a "normal" setup with this whole "pbulk with chroot on OS X"
thing since it felt like no one else was doing this on OS X Yosemite,
and I was feeling like I couldn't justify spending more of my time
fighting with this thing to get it to work.  But now, having done a
"cvs update -dP" on my 2015Q2 tree and having dropped the DEVELOPER_DIR
environment variable, instead using "xcode-select --switch" to set the
developer directory to Command Line Tools (not for the whole
system, the other build failures have gone away.  Now, of the subset of
packages I build, I'm left with just devel/gmp that fails, and yes, with
the patch, it succeeds.  So, I'll carry the patch for now.  But I still
really hope someone can figure this out!

(Dear pbulk, sorry I ever thought to leave you, baby.)



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