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Re: Moving pkgsrc-wip away from SourceForge

Andrew Cagney <> writes:

> On 14 July 2015 at 18:37, Aleksej Saushev <> wrote:
>>> Hoster:
>>> (that was in 2013!)
>>> etc.
>>> In short: you do not want to be hosted by a malware distributor.
> I have to agree.
>> And it applies to pkgsrc-wip how?
> Because it reflects very very poorly on pkgsrc's reputation.
> For instance, It doesn't take much for a user (through no fault of
> their own running the wrong OS) and curious about PKGSRC and/or UN*X
> to click on the wrong link.  And please don't respond with crap about
> how they should be running a real OS or ... - malware ads on download
> sites are carefully crafted to look just like the legitimate download.

Which way?

First, pkgsrc-wip is a separate project.

Second, pkgsrc-wip is basically a sandbox for people who develop for
pkgsrc not being members of the NetBSD foundation. These people are
interested in pkgsrc to the point of becoming (perhaps irregular)
developers already. pkgsrc-wip is not meant for end users. Now can you
explain how pkgsrc-wip's reputation is affected in such conditions?

Unix is totally unrelated to pkgsrc-wip, and there're no back references
from Unix-related materials to pkgsrc-wip. Perhaps the only references
that lead to pkgsrc-wip are those from NetBSD and pkgsrc.
If person is interested in pkgsrc-wip, he is interested in pkgsrc already.

> BTW, I got curious and tried to take a look at the home page and see
> what malware was displayed; turns out that sourceforge is down, again,
> and based on their twitter account that is isn't a rare occurrence.

Again, pkgsrc-wip home page is irrelevant. I'm yet to see a person who
visits that page on SF, since the only useful resource there is CVS
repository. It worked today without noticable interruptions.


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