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Re: Moving pkgsrc-wip away from SourceForge

On Jul 16, 12:25pm, Andrew Cagney wrote:
} On 14 July 2015 at 22:15, John Nemeth <> wrote:
} > } If the two projects are truly independent then why put them in the
} > } same repository? (the obvious response is convenience)
} >
} >      Are you trying to suggest that every package should be in a
} > seperate repository?
} and:
} > Why can't they be two independent aspects of the same project?  The
} > project is pkgsrc but it is certainly valid to say that PostgreSQL and
} > MySQL can be worked on independently by different people at the same
} > time.
} That makes two .ca posters missing the rhetoric in my question; is
} that enemy action? :-)

     I didn't know that Canada and the US were at war.

     My question is a serious question.  I am trying to understand
what it is that you are saying.  After that, I may or may not choose
to formulate a response.  I do know that it would be foolish to
formulate a response without fully understanding what it is that
you are trying to say.

} More seriously:
} - should the repo be moved? sourceforge isn't looking good

     This is happening.  I'm sure an official announcement will be
made when there are concrete plans in place.  Do note that I don't
officially speak for pkgsrc-wip.

} - is it time to change the technology; and if so, do-it-right and
} question everything including repo layout; and provide a clear
} rationale as to why it is or isn't pratical; Having worked with both
} systems, it really is just a trade off.

     This is a different debate and one that I'm staying out of
for now.

} - do we really want to buy "IBM" :-)

     Undecided.  The stock chart doesn't look that great.  On the
other hand, it does have an attractive P/E ratio and does pay
dividends.  Would need to look at it a little closer.  (Yes, I do
see the smiley, but I answered anyways.)

}-- End of excerpt from Andrew Cagney

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