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Re: Moving pkgsrc-wip away from SourceForge

Subversion? Please, no.

While chewing on razer blades is probably a safer and more pleasant
experience than GIT, subversion still manages to be worse.

I've, on multiple occasions found my day job being spent trying to
disentangle the mess the developers made of their SVN repository.

- SVN is not atomic; the sequence "pull ; edit ; build ; push" offers
no guarantee that the tree is left in a buildable state.
While other DVCS will reject the push if the repo has changed, SVN
does not - this is by design

- SVN is for ever trying to phone home
The D in DVCS is Distributed.  You shouldn't need to be connected to do work.

- SVN has no real underlying branch/tag framework behind it; instead
there is just free form directory naming conventions
Like any good convention, there's more than one to choose from; and
projects do just that.  This really comes to a head when you try to
migrate out any sort of history out of SVN and back into something
even vaguely sane.

- As a corollary of the above, SVN lets you change everything, at once
While CVS, GIT, all have the convention of: checkout a branch;
change branch; commit/push/...; SVN (the tool), for what ever reason,
seems to encourage developers to checkout a single copy of the entire
tree (branches, tags, and all) and then just hack stuff randomly.


On 14 July 2015 at 10:04, Hugh Meyer <> wrote:
> It seems to me that Subversion would be a good choice. Maybe I have missed
> some of the discussion but I was wondering why that does not seem to have
> been considered?
> One aspect of GIT is that it allows history to be changed and does not track
> who made the change.
> Here are two links to a presentation by CollabNet comparing Git and
> Subversion. One link is to the video and the other is to the slide deck. To
> me this concludes that Subversion is technically better.
> Video:
> Slide Deck:
> I use SVN daily for all sorts of work. It works very well and is relatively
> easy to understand and use.
> I just wanted to add this to the discussion. Any of them is fine with me, as
> would be staying with CVS.
> Hugh Meyer
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