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wip/gnuradio-core ( to be rename as just gnuradio ?)

I'm packaging gnuradio at wip/gnuradio-core.
Please give me comments on that. Thanks a lot.

It is confirmed as packaged and command gnuradio-companion
started fine in NetBSD/amd64 6.1.4

As dependency,
wip/uhd is required. But I have problem fetching https://
MASTER_SITE.  I have work around of do-fetch: target in Makefile.
I don't think this is correct. Please fix if you know how
(FETCH_USING=curl in /etc/mk.conf doesn't work for me).

The package name (and modularity) issue:
The former one 3.3.0 (at meta-pkgs/gnuradio) was a collection
of several packages of ham/gnuradio-*.

But in this version (and with my understanding), the organization
is changed (as of cmake build package). The modularity is now
kept in In this context, this gnuradio-core is to
be renamed as just gnuradio.
Please let me know if I'm doing wrong.

If you packaged and run command gnuradio-companion, please let
me know on your particular OS/release combination as well.

Thanks a lot,
Makoto Fujiwara, 
Chiba, Japan, Narita Airport and Disneyland prefecture.

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