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Re: subversion 1.8 Undefined PLT symbol

Carl Brewer <> writes:

> From the SVN people :
>> reports/inherited-props.c is new in 1.8 so if you somehow built the 1.8
>> mod_dav_svn source code with the 1.7 rules then perhaps that file was
>> not compiled or linked.  That would cause warnings about undefined
>> symbols at build time but such warnings are sometimes ignored.
> Does that help at all?

Not really.  But you might try removing all the svn bits from /usr/pkg
(by pkg_delete) and then building, if you had used make replace, in case
the old libs were leaking into the new build environment.

Also, you generally can't just update one package in pkgsrc.  You should
have a consistent checkout (preferably a quarterly branch), and then
ensure that you have all packages built from that.  Can you explain what
you did?  Is anyone else having trouble?

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