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Re: subversion 1.8 Undefined PLT symbol

On 10/07/2013 2:44 AM, Greg Troxel wrote:

[repointed to pkgsrc-users; this is out of scope for tech-pkg]

Carl Brewer <> writes:

I just bumped subversion to 1.8 from the most recent CVS for pkgsrc on
a NetBSD 5.2 amd64 box.

bash-4.2# /etc/rc.d/apache start
Starting apache.
httpd: Syntax error on line 166 of /usr/pkg/etc/httpd/httpd.conf:
Cannot load libexec/ into server:
/usr/pkg/libexec/ Undefined PLT symbol
"dav_svn__get_inherited_props_report" (symnum = 421)

mod_dav_svn is supposed to link with a lot of libraries.  Run ldd on it.
Then nm -u and nm -g on all the linked libraries, and find the symbol.

I don't find that symbol in my svn dav module or any of the libs (on a
system which is not yet running 1.8).  My box is also netbsd-5, amd64,
for what that's worth but I think this is just a subversion issue.

It's only in in my 1.8 install, not any of the linked libs (which is why it can't find it, I guess :) ). Hrm.

(I used to be sort of the pkgsrc svn maintainer, but I've more or less
switched to using git.)

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