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Re: Why does make update delete "work"?

Mayuresh <> writes:

> Seems I have to use "make update" to turn over a code change, since "make
> install" will say the package is already installed.
> However I find that "make update" does "clean" also. So next time around
> compilation has to start from scratch.
> What is the logic behind "update" doing "clean"?
> What is a way by which I can turn over a package without cleaning up
> directories?

pkgsrc lacks make rules to clean a work directory if anything
in the package makefile or the environment (which includes the installed
packages as well as the base OS).  And, since almost certainly something
changes, you should clean the work directory before every build.

"make replace" will install the new version (via pkg_add -U) and leave
the work directory.  Therefore, you should invoke "make replace clean"
to not leave a work directory.

If you'd like to speed up repeated compiles of a package safely, add to

PKGSRC_COMPILER=        ccache gcc
CCACHE_DIR=             /home/user/.ccache

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