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Re: offlineimap checksum mismatch

On Samstag, 19. November 2011 at 18:17, Mayuresh wrote:

> Ok, it moved automatically? It downloaded whatever the site had for me
> with the same name as tar.gz. So, may be my pkgtools are outdated? I
> never installed anything from pkgtools. Or is there anything else I need
> to do to get the behavior that you got?

No, this is probably just a difference in default behaviour in Mac OS X ftp(1) 
vs. NetBSD ftp(1) with regard to following redirects. No pkgtools involved.

> In the flip side, the faulty URL (because of site having moved) may remain
> hidden for long, if the tools default to netbsd mirror. Basically, unless
> a license forces download from maintainer site, why not always default it
> to netbsd site?

The NetBSD distfile mirrors only get the files they have from the MASTER_SITES 
defined by the packages. As far as I can see it, they are only intended as a 
backup in case of temporarily unavailable main sites (with possible exceptions 
for permanently unavailable files). Making them the default for everything 
would a) bring about the question how to get the right files onto them in the 
first place and b) would cause a much higher load on them.

The "right" fix (at least in this case) is IMHO to update the package to 
reflect the new locations.


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