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Re: offlineimap checksum mismatch

On Sat, Nov 19, 2011 at 10:49:47AM -0000, David Lord wrote:
> I've had a few bad downloads from sites that I guess had
> been hijacked as some of the files were web pages with
> advertising. The bad distfiles were deleted and downloaded
> again but from and the files from there have 
> been ok. In some instances distfiles must be downloaded 
> from a specific site due to licence etc.

Same thing here. The site has moved. pkgsrc was trying to get it from
which needs to be changed in pkgsrc.

Now, following netbsd site does have the files. So perhaps no licensing
issues in hosting git on netbsd server. So I don't know why pkgsrc needed
to go to above site.

Also the version available on above site is 4.16nb1 while pkgsrc looks for
4.16. I'll perhaps need to save it with version 4.16 and try. But then
checksum won't match and I'll have to override that check as well.

I think, I'd rather wait for issue to be fixed in pkgsrc.

I'm willing to create and submit a patch myself, if someone can just post
where to look for these URLs in pkgsrc and any other information I'll need
to fix this.


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