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Re: offlineimap checksum mismatch

Wrote a mail earlier, but that may have been swallowed by laggy 3G … anyway:

On Samstag, 19. November 2011 at 14:05, Mayuresh wrote:

>Just commented out MASTER_SITES in Makefile and everything just worked!
>Never imagined it would be so easy!

For me it automatically moved on after not finding the file on the
MASTER_SITES (because the original author is no longer maintaining
offlineimap; the most current version appears to be which is also referenced from and downloaded it from the NetBSD mirror –
this is what you enforce by deleting MASTER_SITES.

Anyway, the site has moved and the version of offlineimap in pkgsrc is
quite old, so I updated it. Please find attached a patch against the
current package and a tarball of the updated package. I haven't tested
it extensively, but it seems to work.

TODO: The offlineimap.1 manpage seems to have vanished, so I just
deleted any reference to it, and the docs that are in the distfile are
currently not being installed. Also, there is no note to the user that
there are example configuration files available in


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