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Re: Firefox 7 from HEAD

On Fri, Oct 21, 2011 at 05:22:24PM +0200, Martin Husemann wrote:
> [..]
> Now for the bug at hand: it is a configure bug, it tries to use a JIT
> compiler on an architecture where it shouldn't - there is a
> corresponding command line argument to override the magic (but I don't
> recall the name).

according to ./configure it should be --disable-tracejit which should
be explicitly provided via and manual adding it to the
configure arguments doesn't help.

So it seems I'm quite out of luck.  Firefox 6.0.2 (and 6.0.1 and 6.0)
were no problem (at least the compilation, it somehow gets internally
stuck after some time -- well, more often than I experience on other

Matthias Kretschmer

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